Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Russell Potter and John Geiger

I had the great good luck and fortune to meet with Professor Russell Potterauthor of several Franklin Expedition/Arctic books including Finding Franklin: The Untold Story of a 165-Year Search which he launches tomorrow in Toronto, and of course the writer behind the Visions of the North blog, and John Geiger, co-author of Frozen In Time: The Fate of the Franklin Expedition (the "gateway" book to the Franklin Expedition for so many of us) and CEO of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society

Russell and John were asked to speak on Charles Adler's SiriusXM radio show and needed an old fashioned landline, which I was in the fortunate position to offer to them. 

 John Geiger and Dr. Russell Potter

Dr. Russell Potter, some guy in a suit and John Geiger

Thanks for dropping by, gentlemen. And thanks for your decades of research, writing and contributions to the history of the Franklin Expedition.

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